my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

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0 Replies to “painting”

  1. Robin says:

    Hi Leeaux! So glad to see your journey. XxxO

    • leeaux says:

      i’m literally about to cry. i’m so glad to be able to share it.
      please email me, or i can email you.
      love you so much

  2. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the amazing drawing on the bus buddy! Hope you enjoy your evening. I’m off to start work but you definitely highlighted my morning.

  3. Smooth says:

    K, I’m ready to explore Sin City as an adult!

  4. 7BONES says:

    Keep pushing brother, I can relate. You are doing much better than I though. I fell off twice in the past five months I’m coming up on. Things have changed drastically, and the two slips only put more emphasis on that I enjoy my sobriety better.

    • leeaux says:

      it really means a lot that you’re checking in and writing to me- sometimes you get challenged by life and slip up but you can’t let that really get you down and prevent you from growing. i’m still rooting for you bro!

  5. love ya buddy, happy to support you during this time. excited to receive this shirt.

  6. Brandon Follis says:

    Leeaux is the man

  7. Myron Saul says:

    I love you!!!!!!

  8. Nelson says:

    Grant us eyes, grant us eyes!

  9. Emerson Van Roekel says:

    I bought a print of yours years ago while in new orleans, been a huge fan since then! So excited to wear your work.

  10. Nick Cantu says:

    I think this was my favorite email I’ve gotten from a site I’m subscribed to in many, many years. Thank you Leeaux.

  11. adoring fan says:

    i’ve followed you since myspace and byrd and watched you grow into an ethereal person from afar. just here to say that you inspire and motivate me with every piece of yourself shared with us. thank you for everything you create and sending you love for your loss.

  12. Dee says:

    Beautifully written, highly visual for me. You brought me back there. You may not remember me , but I’ll never forget you because you have a place in my Nola memory. Thank you Leeaux