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this feeling.2022

my site is better on desktop because you get to enjoy the music i put into my posts while you read/view.

maybe you are here wondering where the fuck have i been or whatever. i’ve been dividing a substantial amount of time into creating our gallery project.

project: abracadabra

is a literal gallery project coming to life from thin air, as if we waved a wand and said “abracadabra”

i owe you all more of an elaborate visual into what’s been happening (beyond this photo reel).

the time hasn’t been too right-until recently. that’s something i’m overly thankful/grateful of.

also, if you’re connected to the projects I’m developing, you might of caught my blog post on TEAMKILLEVERYONE.

that was published on december 5th, 2021, before i got my mom a car for the holidays.


i don’t really have too much free time anymore.. :’^/

the moment i decided to buckle down & focus on our gallery opportunity began hitting us back to back.

it’ll feel great to finally reveal everything as if it were some grand opening. that moment when all the pieces have fallen into alignment.

the feeling i get is people will eventually uncover the ample grunt work that goes into these things prior.

it’ll “appear” overnight.

also not too long ago i got to talk about our gallery project on channel 13 abc news.

when you type ‘las’ ‘vegas’ ‘nft’ into google search my interview is technically number 3. NFTLand’s founder lives in Dallas, so they don’t really count.

i just had the idea to find a spot for all the photos taken while building behind the scenes. i’ll make a post about it soon. i’ll likely upload them all here.

thank you for being here.

much more soon…


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  1. Nick Cantu says:

    I think this was my favorite email I’ve gotten from a site I’m subscribed to in many, many years. Thank you Leeaux.

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