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celestial offering


there is such a beauty to be realized in knowing that everything happens for a reason. to me there is a blanketing sacredness to this reality.

some may find an absence of meaning in the everyday, maybe we have to remind them

“a figure rests on the ethereal bed of star stuff & grass,, surrounded by artifacts & enchantments; bearing witness to a cosmic domino effect, through nonlinear time.. [the] manifestation of everything happening for a reason. DUSK, DAWN, & into TWILIGHT./ [the] Moth might be our protagonist, gazing upon divinity,, a sempiternal presentism”

CELESTIAL OFFERING πŸŒ’πŸŒ‘πŸŒ˜ (2024) 48″x60″ acrylic paint on stretched canvas, physical painting.

created between the week of March 29thβ€”April 04th.. for the April 08th, 2024 solar eclipse.

Unlockable / MakersPlace NFT πŸ”³

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