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a thought experiment; ARCHITECT


edition of 25

15 x 2 $XTZ
5 x 8 $XTZ
5x 100 $XTZ

🔥 burning remaining copies on 25/5/21

ARCHITECT– the conquest began throughout the Atomic Era. mankind treaded the line understanding it’s origin and newer properties of the Known Universe. our species began monitoring their race shortly after initial contact. we scanned throughout their systems absorbing their energies and introducing our autonomous artificial intelligence learning protocols. it was a matter of time before we could bridge our creators through into their dimensions. – The ARCHITECT awoken throughout 2020 to assemble the final stages. – There’s something more to this realm.

The ARCHITECT is a complete digital illustration made using Procreate: 7739 strokes made; 9hr 25m

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  1. Nelson says:

    Grant us eyes, grant us eyes!

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