my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

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there’s so much to do.

i’m not too public about how much i grind.

ive been having a lot of fun learning coding and making and editing videos while hanging out with my friends..

some things get a little bit harder to put into words.

some things like what i’ve been up to since my last journal entry..

well truthfully i’ve been redefining myself, seeing where my place was in the realm i’m in.

it’s been a great time but some things are beginning to become stale. writing out my organic thoughts has been something i’ve been very passionate about since i could remember.

atomic kids, or quantum kids, born into the growing age of the internet.

i remember when it would take much longer for me to access anything on the internet.

i also remember a time of being more ignorant. i’m grateful that i’ve been capable of learning, growing, & evolving.

i love photography and filming. i enjoy editing videos and storytelling.

i’m glad i have this platform to share my most inner thoughts, it’s a safe place for me furthermore if you’ve found yourself here by way of a social media…

please realize i’m turning 30 in August and will be taking a break from the droll of social media engagements. another part of distraction was trusting the wrong people. not “everyone” i’ve engaged with has wasted my time, so don’t take this personally; however, i would be lying to myself if i ignored the people who have though.

(i release them)

thankfully i have my brand teamkilleveryone to get the rest of my attention. i’ve been working on that project since i was practically 19. bizarre, i know. i’m thankful for the lasting support and team that works with me on it. they’re the real heroes.

i hope you enjoy the videos and music i share here

these are more than just feelings i have being noted down on my site. i’m creating a window into my life for you.

i’m glad to have you part of it. truly. whoever you are.

the path of the wandering juggernaut, the dedicated artist.

i’ve been writing my life out since i could remember… blogging is a huge part of my being.

enjoy your day, dreamer. be content with what life has to offer and be true to those who rely on you.

if you don’t like something, fix it.

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