my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

email me at

only making art & learning code.

my website will continue to be a hub and documentation into the exploration of my creative journey.

i’ve retired from poisoning my mind with trite comparisons, vapid relationships, and conditionally shallow support from social media interactions.

i’m exhausted from those claiming to be my friend or colleague on terms & conditions.

you could say i’ve finally decided to say how it feels.

my official plans for the remainder of the year are to continue learning code, paint, & illustrate new works focusing on developing quality for my supporters. truly returning to my craft.

im aware of the value that comes from possessing a unique train of thought as well as foresight.

i’m sorry if i’ve ever let you down. we’ve all got wood and nails, we sleep inside this machine.

i don’t have plans of saving the world.

i am only here to inspire times of tomorrow. it comes naturally equipped with being an artist.

someone today or tomorrow will hear and learn of your story. things got a lot more permanent if you hadn’t heard.

watch this video, its clips from my April adventure in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach,

life is a bundle of experiences meant to be shared with the people you love.

i miss Los Angeles. since i was a kid with possession of the internet i’ve been possessed with wanderlust.

there was a longing for something i never knew existed and places i never been to or heard of in my life.

there was something magical about that feeling. it’s a place in my head that hasn’t found its way out yet.

sweet bliss and blessed friends. i’m thankful to be anything at all.

i won’t be fooled into relinquishing my story this is still a sacred place for me.

you will feel something here.

if you’re a friend of mine reading this please get back in touch with me without making me feel bad for being lost in my art. chances are i miss you dearly and want to hear from you. chances are you already knew i was lost in my art.

i’ll always be here (as time allows for), i read my emails everyday… it might look / feel insincere but i promise that i would appreciate a written email more than a DM or text..

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