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i’m looking at pictures of New Orleans through my friend’s instagram story

and i’m seeing parts of it i deeply miss. the abandoned naval base, or informational center?, they called it “The End of the World” or “The Edge of the World”.

the base hugged the Mississippi River and met a channel that allowed boats to pass from a draw bridge.

when i first wandered to New Orleans to start my art career i stayed in my friend’s apartment across the street from the base. some nights we would sit atop of the roof holding our hands out for something more gazing into the city. we chained smoked cigarettes, smoked tons of weed, and crushed PBR’s until enough was enough.

the second time being at the bast of the ship we sang haunting melodies underneath the docks until the sun came up.

there was a bar of sand and it was the closest to a “beach” we could get.

later i found myself visiting it more often when i officially planted my roots. the emptied parking garage became an underground art gallery with graffiti wrapped around every floor.

and for the strangest of reasons, most of my memories of self discovery are stored around this building.

i fed my imagination exploring the mysterious and seemingly forever changing abandoned floors to this building.

eventually i found myself to the rooftop, atop the water-tower. eyes blurry with ambition.

i stared at New Orleans from this point. as if this was a checkpoint of sorts,

whatever heard me calling for more listened.

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  1. Dee says:

    Beautifully written, highly visual for me. You brought me back there. You may not remember me , but I’ll never forget you because you have a place in my Nola memory. Thank you Leeaux

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