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thankfully all of this has been an intense learning process.

i’m going to be 29 this year. my dad turned 60 the other day.

my brother and i called him on a group video chat since he lives in Houston.

the united states is leading with covid-19 cases.

one thing for sure is this reminded us all of our humanity.

i’m doing my part to relaying solid informational findings on my twitter. i’m keeping my timeline pretty relevant and informative.

we’re not use to this.

i’m not going to act like this self-isolation / quarantine we’re collectively in isn’t hard on some of my friends.

i imagine a lot of my friends are having trouble adjusting to this dramatic shift on their lives.

America has reached 3.3 million in unemployment March 2020. as i type this the global number of covid-19 cases is over 500,000.

right now our part is to remain at home to prevent the spread of this virus since our medical facilities could become easily overwhelmed.

a lot of our friends are picking back up their craft, getting back in shape, and taking a much needed self-care chapter to heart.

i hate to say it but i’m mentally and emotionally prepared for this.

understanding myself through art has been a journey i’ve been on for quite some time.

i’m sure you all know that by now.

i’m still learning daily and that i’m grateful of.

a lot of us miss going outside and mindlessly exploring i’m sure.

this time is never going to be forgotten.

we’re going to remember who was there to help. we’re going to remember which individuals acted as leaders and companions.

we’re collectively one.

i’m going to be doing a lot of drawing over the next few weeks/months as well as develop more on my websites.

i’ll have another post soon sharing the links. if you know some of them i’m sure you can find them :^)

please stay safe and healthy. please call your friends and family and remind them how much you love them.

please do not chose to be willfully ignorant in these extremely sensitive times.

thank you for sharing this moment with me.



(this month i released a 2020 artist series garment collection. you can view the tees on my web-store under “shop”. i’m not expecting anyone to buy anything but i wanted to share that i’m continuing making garments. it does help me survive. i imagine commission & art sales will hit a low for me for the next few months. i’m also very able to develop websites for people. i’m thankful to have gotten that skill-set down. feel free to email if you want to get something going. i’ll teach you what i know.)

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