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you end up in some of the strangest places

i couldn’t imagine a life where i didn’t follow my dreams

i would often ask myself “would any of this matter?” while embarking on this road less traveled. i looked forward placing one foot in front of another with only my gift of art and the support of my friends. my burning desire to “make it” fueled me, however; i clearly had no idea what “making it” meant.

there are a few common ideas of success. some of us define success as amounting to freedom of financial worry.

we might even look to success as accomplishing farfetched dreams and goals.

how is it okay that we compare ourselves to each other when by nature we are different. each enjoying a variety of things yet further into the millennium we’re allowing these comparisons to define us.

i’ve met success many times in my life.

it’s not about any of the physical objects this realm places in front of you. it’s about the work done.

how often do you think artists feel they are not complete because they compare their success to others? from what i’ve witness, is it’s too often.

some of darkest moments of my life i thought i would never escape from. my only light was the support of my friends and a Sakura micron pen. truthfully, those thoughts came from feeling like i was never really enough.

after i’d make strides in my art reveling in meeting a goal, my mind would circle back to arrive at square one when i compared myself to the traditional lives of my peers. knowing damn well i was the only one surviving solely on my artwork.

that way of life has led me to meeting an incredible amount of supportive individuals.

i’m comfortable sharing my intimate thoughts because this is my story and if you’re reading this your’e apart of it.

i never thought i’d be in Colorado, quite like i never thought i’d be in Las Vegas.

given the time to wrap my head around this i began to understand that i’m in fact living in a golden time. my network is expansive and continues to grow.

my artwork hangs in my favorite producers studio.

i don’t have any kids.

i am free.

my art has brought me across the country. soon i’ll be in New York working with two dear friends of mine. (visiting)

i am grateful of the lessons i’ve learned overtime.

my 30’s will be incredible and i cannot wait to share this.

i am 5 months free from alcohol. by the time i’m 28, i’ll be 6 months free of alcohol.

i am not at all the same person i used to be.


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  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the amazing drawing on the bus buddy! Hope you enjoy your evening. I’m off to start work but you definitely highlighted my morning.

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