my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

email me at

here’s to august

glad i remembered to post my intimate updates to my website instead of facebook

in case people are wondering i even have potential employers and clients casually stopping by to observe my website for work related opportunity.

the best part of being an artist is being comfortable with this level of transparency no matter who’s viewing me.

you all are being exposed to the phenomena “Leeaux”

so we begin;

for a decade in pursuit of artistic success at age 28 i finally find myself confidently able to put together my true calling and wear these years of experience as a badge. mastery of the visual arts led me into many different fields of work.

i wore titles at an early age i didn’t even know the definition of. i learned things that others would spend years studying in collage figuring out through day to day application to my real life scenarios. i grew rapidly diving headfirst into professionalism.

in all i paved my own way.
i don’t look back in regret for any of it.

i’m thankful that i’m now in an environment where i’m continuing to learn more. i’ll be surrounding myself with others who are excelling for their companies as well. recently i’ve found myself in shared office space with many other entrepreneurs, software developers, CEO’s, CTO’s, and more in Denver.

on my 28th birthday i celebrated being sober of alcohol for six months. this has been the longest time sober since i was about 17. on my birthday i also was able to celebrate the newest collection added to my clothing brand called i am become death.

with the latest collection my main message was to bring attention to the atom bomb and how it impacted the course of human history.

i know that i’m on the right path because i continue to intertwine with the lovers of Silent Planet.

Garrett Russell of Silent Planet. Photo taken by Jess Kelly at

while i exist in Colorado they happened to perform here on the last day of a ~51 day tour. that memory is so dear to me. i’ve been able to love them all for five years now. i wrote about this on my clothing site since our love for the arts intertwines us. my brand expounds on this phenomena. there i write about how art saved my life.

Silent Planet by Jess Kelly at

also this month something else peculiar happened. Killer Mike of Run The Jewels shared my artwork

yeah that was rather cool.

though it was a small gesture, it carried a huge impact. it meant a lot to me to have my art noticed.

it’s becoming clearer in my journey through the art world there are others who have great taste and end up celebrating my works.

sharing art helps more than what others can imagine.

sometimes people down play it online but it’s really a blessing.


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