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the only constant is change

September has been an incredible month for me. September was an intense time of changes for many aspects of my life. in many different avenues i have began growing and expanding to what feels like the greatest version of myself. i overcame.

maybe we should take with us the understanding of how cycles actually prepare us for life’s infinite possibilities. one thing I found interesting that I saw in a motivational video online is our interpretation of a situation helps to determine our outcome. instead of normally feeling like the world is against us when something goes wrong, we should interpret whatever trouble we face into a brilliant, and free, lesson. who doesn’t love learning?

this month i acquired a Wacom drawing tablet. i’ve been so hesitant on getting one of these for some time because my last inexperienced run with that tool didn’t leave me with any remarkable results.

i’d like to say now, in 2019, i’’ve made my Wacom tablet a staple in my design work. with this tool i’ve produced so many incredible graphics in such a short period of time. with this tablet i’ve been able to DRASTICALLY improve the quality of my illustrations turned digital and successfully apply them onto garments.

i redid my Zodiac Collection, updated my Run the Jewels x Leeaux tee, and then even added three new designs to my personal collection (Sagitta Duplici, Prologue, & Akashik). on top of that I was able to return one of my favorite tees under Cvlt Aesthetics, the Fig Weaver “What A Tangled Web That We Weave”, after two years.

things are looking great.

with change being the only constant i’ve delicately allowed that to be in my favor. i’m happy to share that i’ve started a design studio out of my room in Las Vegas, NV. (Crying Icarus /

i decided that instead of chasing after inconsistent companies looking to be hired i would rather improve my own businesses. i started to notice that each application i put out i was listing top-tier services that would drastically benefit a companies growth.

i paused.

“wait, why don’t I just do all these services for myself and work on… myself… my art… my own career.”

immediately after that thought my way of life improved yet again. i understand my value and what i can do on my own. why would I want to work with people who can’t even answer their emails? why would i want to grow someone elses halfassed idea for a brand and neglect the behemoth of talent i possess with my brands. all successful.

September reminded me of self-worth. September reminded me of the massive support net for my artwork and clothing. i’m at a state right now that i’ve been dreaming to be at for some time. i can’t express how thankful and grateful i am to have this.

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