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November 6th, 2023: bending through space & time; face to face through ups & downs; kindness wins in the end

it’s been a while since i’ve been able to sit & write about whats going on in my life due to tumultuous conditions. there hasn’t been much of a quiet moment since returning home. truthfully it’s been back to back with tasks & hustling to keep the lights on. without the foundation i need it’s been a tricky ride but i’m hanging in there & making the most of what i have.

rekindling the love i had for my hometown, friends, & family was needed in the healing process. it’s been a major win being back truthfully. my birthday was really great, i still think about it. i was finally able to have my first ever solo art show!

it was called THE SPACE BETWEEN. i was able to showcase my latest body of work at The Donna Service Gallery inside of BPCC (Bossier Parish Community College). the show was up from August 21st to October 28th. the opening reception was on September 13th at 11AM.

during this show i was able to showcase the latest creations i made while vibing in the forest of Slidell, Louisiana/New Orleans. i was very specific about how i wanted my artwork to be seen this year.

i refrained from posting any images of the illustrations in my sketchbook & made it to where you can only see them in person. in my imagination i wanted my sketchbook to sit on top of a pedestal to be flipped through—which was actually able to happen.

being particular with my artwork felt great. it was nice to be represented the way i’ve always imagined/wanted.

with THE SPACE BETWEEN closing on October 28th, i would turn around & be hosting the project: abracadabra Gumby Group Show on November 1st with a bunch of my creative Artist friends.



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