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the art spell of april ✨

ive decided to do something i’ve never done that will come with great risk. i’m taking on a daily art illustration and minting project for the month of April. all works for this series are minted at KnownOrigin. during this time, i’ll be exploring wherever i can to soak up as much inspiration as possible.

the risk factors come from minting. if you’re new to NFTs usually theres a gas fee… haha which i’ve estimated to spend around ~$6,000 to make this April series happen. (gas can be up or down, who knows). any support/likes/shares goes a long way. it helps me become visible. i’m not sure how successful the algorithms are but i’m going to keep going through this twitter thread.

in the meantime, i’ll be updating this post and taking tons of photos while enjoying quality time with loved ones.

i am infinitely grateful for this opportunity. i can’t wait to share what i make.

(click images to see NFT)

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