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i painted a mural down the street from where i live.

if you have been keeping track with me online you would have seen i started a mural project down the street from my house.

thanks to the brilliant efforts put forth by my pal Jerry Misko, Jerry is someone who has his foot deep in the game for the arts culture in Las Vegas. recently he brought me and several other Black artists together to literally paint the town.

painting this mural was a huge learning experience for myself and my passions. it really taught me that i’d much rather paint on larger surfaces.

this is something id like to continue almost immediately. period.

i had the pleasure of meeting so many kind neighbors.

everyone who spoke to me mentioned how thankful they are they get to enjoy my art now on their commute.

thank you for the love and keeping me busy,

more soon..

p.s. my friend Arturo captured all this content for me, we’re working on some stuff,

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