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the revolving heads.

sometimes parents have a hard time conveying what they want to say.

i shouldn’t have to have any family stress when i turn 30. i’m 28. i’ll be 29 august 3rd. of course if the cosmos and my body allows for me to even meet that. or if covid, or yellowstone exploding, or one of the many tragedies to remind us how human we are transpires.

it’s all tough cookies.

this life isn’t perfect nor promised. it’s honestly best to enjoy the vibrance it brings to your day to day.

as an artist it’s important to be inspired. it’s almost like your survival depends on it.

the greatest part about this realm is it’s all so exciting on many levels. nothing is ever truly boring.

there are many things to be grateful for. the most important one for me is the ability to be anything at all. if you’re reading this we all know it as “The Human Experience”. that alone can be a driving force for fulfillment.

the ability to “be”.

to be, or not to be.

i had to grow into becoming comfortable enough to share my organic thoughts here. i’m not entirely sure whose reading but it is fact that i have an audience and it’s growing. you’ve probably landed here by email, facebook, instagram, twitter, ello, makersplace, knownorigin.

close friends know i’ve been on this journey since high-school.

right around the time i left home at 18. i’m not even sure if i shared in detail that story.

to sum it up; i had a clothing brand and was given the A.O.K. to vend my merchandise at one of the illest local shows. the genuine invite and acceptance fueled life into my creative spirit.

my mom & step dad wanted me to unexpectedly stay home to babysit but i couldn’t pass this opportunity.

pandora’s box was opened. out came everything else.

this led to passionately pursuing success in the arts.

everything from then was step after step to achieve foundation for where i want to be.

the only issue with this is there isn’t a road map to follow. there are no blueprints.

and this is our parents first round through as being a parent with relic guidance from our ancestors.

you are not your ancestor’s mistakes.

don’t think you need to repeat any set tradition. traditions have been carved into time by valor. to stand up against the sands of time.

tradition is to live forever so make your own.

there are no rulebooks. there are no blueprints. furthermore there is nothing owed to you.

become the ubermensch. go out and take life by the horns. set yourself free.

create something that lasts tomorrow. create something that lasts longer than yourself. give back into this world when you are able and don’t hold grudges. success is limited to perspective and perception.

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