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a year in review

without a doubt, 2019 was the most influential year of my human life.

it was the fall of 2018 when i woke up in Las Vegas, NV prepared to attempt a new life. this journey was riddled in unexpected events. realistically i had no idea i would even survive out here. lo and behold it’s 2020.

the process was insane. for 2019, i quit drinking alcohol. that was the greatest decision i’ve ever made aside from picking up the pen.

immediately after that i was hired to install the fine art for the artist greenroom, medial lounge, &  backstage vip areas at the Buku music + arts project in New Orleans.

it was apparent that cutting alcohol out of my life was more of a cosmic decision that needed to happen.

it was something that aligned greater opportunities for me shortly after.

2019 was the year i visited Colorado for the first time. that was something. there i took part in my first shared office experience at WeWork. that really helped me align with a more realistic scale of professionalism and what it takes to make businesses become functioning. i learned a lot honestly.

even through times of uncertainty i pressed forward. i roamed Denver and haunted some places that will always speak out to me. these times alone helped me learn the most about myself.

i trailed through the mountains in Colorado Springs and climbed a mystical manmade castle. my friend took me to a really awesome tunnel located inside of the mountain.

that was great. i have a lot of these image files saved to my phone. later on i’ll hyperlink this sentence when i upload them all.

some of my friends who really follow my journey are probably wondering why did it take me so long to come up with a new years post or to publish any new content.

if you’re really into my story you will know that i have several brands that i feed time and energy into.

you are aware of the many projects that i’ve had a hand in that still exist today. there’s an extraordinary amount of information i’ve had to consolidate.

especially the accomplishments and milestones i’ve set during my recent year, and finally decade.

2010 i hosted my first music festival in my hometown right after i was told to not come back home if i left to sell my merchandise at a local metal show. Iwrestledabearonce gave me the green-light to set up my clothing brand wares the day they were performing with Of Machines.

there’s been a lot that’s changed in this decade for me while exploring my journey of art dedication.

on top of consolidating everything here’s one of the most important announcements i wanna make: i’ve recently landed an incredible job working web/content strategy (potentially even curating work) for a new contemporary arts gallery that just opened it’s doors. it’s downtown Las Vegas, called 9th Gallery. everyone is going to be there January 31st for the Alex Pardee book signing and meet & greet.

it’s been such a breathtaking experience finally having my skill-sets understood and appreciated.

i recognize what it’s taken to get to this part. i recognize the many friends and family that have aided me when i had nothing. there are so many people to thank. in retrospect your support has created this.

i have to say a lot of this is my response to the outside stimuli

i have to survive on this plane of existence, and i’m doing it on art. only artwork. this artwork has created a family of like-minded mirror versions of myself. i’d like to imagine us as a family of conscious poets who appreciate the work(s) of the universe.

life is a series of incredible cosmic events we perceive through our entire waking existence.

i want my life to always feel like the movies i play through my head after watching some meaningful media. it’s a cinema.

it’s a series of challenges and hard work, problem solving, and never giving up. no matter how difficult things become.

with this post i wanted to express how i’d prefer that my audience gets information about me directly from my websites or email address. i have a ton of interactive websites that my friends and i update regularly and we’d prefer that you enjoy our story that way.

there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes in the physical realm that’s keeping me healthy and preoccupied

if you didn’t secure commission artwork from me last year stick around for my next journal post, you’re gonna like this.

much more soon…..



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