my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

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writing my journey out

is only important to me. much like i’m going to be the only person who toots my horn or promotes my art. i recognize how extremely lucky i am to have an audience and support for my journey through the arts.

i have flashbacks to when i was growing up and growing into becoming this person.

the places i’ve come from are unbelievable to me.

the things i’ve done and the situations i’ve overcome are astonishing to think about.

i’ve made a lot of this work on my own and with the help of others who support my artwork.

it’s truly a gift that i can look back on the circumstances that brought me here.

my youthful ignorance. my ambition. my passion.

this combination of time experienced developed me into a radical new type of person.

i have become something i’ve never expected yet parts of me feel that these lessons were required to get to this mindset and place.

i’ve finally funneled all of my works into a professional portfolio online.

i consider this a dynamic portfolio. i update my accounts with latest work from all of my projects and clients. the name i chose was CRYING ICARUS. i claimed mostly everything that matters for @cryingicarus online. there you will strictly find my creative works.


built in Las Vegas, serving locally and globally.

the time to do things is now. my greatest lessoned ever learned. try to maintain a focused mind and you will go far.

i’ve been writing my life out on the internet since 2006 or 2007. that’s over a decade.

realistically my journalling and blogging is far more complex than sharing a before and after photo.

our life is so dynamic. it’s honestly a blessing to be here now. some of my friends didn’t make it this far.

some of the people i loved won’t see 2020. i’m writing this to honor them.

i never got to thank you all for sharing my VANS custom shoe contest entry

seriously. i cannot thank everyone enough.

it really touched my heart to see my closest friends rally to help me win $25,000.00. and to have my designs used by VANS of course.

unfortunately that contest was a farce. a lot of people cheated on acquiring votes. some people were selling them.

it was a mad house.

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