my name is leeaux & this is my official website. on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, & works of art.

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path of the bound creator

Path of the Bound Creator
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PATH OF THE BOUND CREATOR; ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿงช “the mysteries of life are worth living for. curiosity appears to be a natural aspect to (our) experience.” โ€“leeaux

dimension 2975 x 3850, resolution 300 dpi, time tracked: 21h 53m, total strokes made: 15,924

Artist notes:
i used a size 2% technical pen to outline everything. i replicated what drawing with a size 005 Sakura Micron Pen was like. i didn’t use any line assists. i wanted to emulate the natural feel of drawing on paper.. This would be the first fine art illustration i’ve been able to finish since being home in Louisiana.
โ€”i choose love even when given life’s hardest challenges. 2022 has been one of the most turbulent years of my life. i’m using the blockchain to journal [timestamp] my life in tandem with my artwork. That’s one of the benefits i enjoy about it. everything happens for a reason.

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