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pandemonium (dominus muscarum)

3/3 May 10th 2022 – collect on opensea

through all things dark, through all things light.
“pandemonium (dominus muscarum)”
a sketch that i created to express how fluid i am with my work.
i’m proud of where i’ve arrived; it’s a dedication beyond all things.
many number of sacrifice, many number of lonesome nights.
through all things dark, through all things light;

while minting this NFT i sit next to my father in [redacted]. i’m deeply contemplating how i even got here to begin with. truly some of you reading this are unaware of the intricacies of my life & how i arrive to where i am. growing up, i wish that i could of been more present. unfortunately, because of art, that tore my understandings of what a basic upbringing could look like.