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ORIGIN: NOV 8, 2020 @ 4:08 AM +UTC



GALLANT, as if bearing news. this mythical beast is often witnessed traveling along the lines of karma. synchronicity looms over like a cloud. GALLANT is a beacon, a charm of transition.

this time shared with me/my artwork going forward will be infinitely different than previously before. each conscious action in minting my artwork into time (yes-like.. time/space), interwoven with my actual website develops a new chapter for me. this entire aspect represents more to me than i can express into words.

may my works of art be charms. letters from the ether. each with their own layer of freedom of expression & raw creativity. each stroke from the pen was guided from my hand, which was guided by something greater.

truly journaling is the most important thing to me. knowing that my work can be minted into time paired with text & photos i myself have written/taken, its a remarkable feeling. it’s a complex version of what my younger self envisioned what the future would look like.

my personal level of poetic release on each work of art will be heavily explored.

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